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Created as a way to share TCC’s company culture and core values with our team members, partners and clients.

We encourage each team member to use this book as inspiration for contributing his or her own personal uniqueness to develop & strengthen our ever-evolving culture.


Culture is the way of life of a group of people: the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that matter to the group as a whole. At TCC, we know that having a strong company culture is paramount in sustaining the success and stability of the company, especially within the information technology industry. That’s why we place our focus on the people who make our success possible: our employees, partners and clients. We strive to create an environment that preserves and fosters growth while still promoting the DNA of our company.

TCC was started in 1996 by three owners with a vision of building something great and lasting in Indianapolis. As our success built and the headcount grew to more than 200 employees and contractors, it became clear that building a strong and clear company culture would be as important as building our steadfast products and service offerings to our clients. To do this, we gathered input and opinions from our employees on important topics like why they chose to work for TCC, how they describe the company to their friends and families, what motivates them to continue growing with the company, and what would make their role in the company more meaningful. We used this information to define the culture that has formed organically through company maturation, the direction of our executives, and the continued addition of uniquely skilled individuals.

This Culture Book highlights our core values – the guiding principles that dictate our behaviors and actions as a company.

  • Building strong, reliable relationships with our employees, our partners and our clients
  • Upholding integrity, honesty and respect
  • Supporting our local community
  • Encouraging continued education and development


Our Employees

At TCC, we believe in leading by example. We know that each individual plays an integral role in the success of the company, and we want our employees to feel like part of an organization, not just part of an organizational chart. We believe that when our employees feel cared for and supported, they will, in turn, show that same care and support to our customers. In order to be the best place to hire, we must first be the best place to work.

Our Clients

TCC strives to create solutions and products that will be the best fit in the market for our clients. But we also want to ensure that our clients enjoy their experience with TCC on a more personal level. Solving problems is at the forefront of our business, but building trustworthy and reliable relationships is just as important to our success.

We believe that keeping open communication is the foundation of a successful operation, so we want to be sure our clients are always heard and understood. When we can communicate openly and respectfully, they can work as a cohesive unit toward creating the best solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs.


Great leaders stand up for what they believe in and never compromise their integrity by cheating. At TCC, there are no exceptions to honesty and integrity. Our success is a product of always doing the right thing, being true to our word and never cutting corners to complete a task or project. Because we follow these rules, we are confident in our business processes and our ability to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Community Support & Involvement

TCC has a rich history of giving back to the communities where we live and work. We believe in acting and interacting in a vital, vibrant manner on behalf of our local communities in a variety of ways. We encourage volunteerism, take on leadership roles and apply our time and experience to furthering good causes. By fostering lasting relationships with nonprofit organizations, funding local initiatives and providing community support, we are able to champion a number of important causes while simultaneously promoting a strong culture of caring from within.

TCC Volunteers on Indy Do Day 2 TCC Volunteers helping our community TCC Volunteers helping our community 2

Education & Training

We firmly believe in the saying “Knowledge is Power”. The technology industry is always changing and evolving, and we want our team to evolve with it. That’s why we are committed to staying abreast of new trends and changing technology. We offer various training sessions and events to our staff and partners so that they have every opportunity to learn and grow with the technology world around them. As our employees learn and grow, TCC learns and grows.

In-House ITIL Training at TCC
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Team building Exercises
  • On & Offsite Training
    • Amazon Web Services
    • ScrumMaster
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Project Management Professional