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Your forms at your fingertips.

Out of office shouldn't mean out of touch

eXpedite is a technology solution enabling you to capture accurate,
timely data with your digital forms to make your processes more
efficient, and to keep your field working ... anywhere.

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Business Challenges

There are many challenges when field organizations have costly, manual, paper-based processes in place.

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Wasted Time

People in the field are required to return to the office at the end of the day to drop off forms.

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Unavailable Information

Often times, historical data is often needed, but past forms are not accessible remotely.

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Dated Information

Paper forms change often and it’s hard to ensure the right information is being collected.

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Delayed Access

Data collected on paper forms often takes a long time to enter into electronic systems and access.

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Inefficient Process

Duplicate information has to be entered on multiple forms for one interaction.

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When there are compliance issues to be addressed, it's hard to take immediate action in the field.

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Solution Overview

The eXpedite solution digitizes your forms and enables your mobile field workforce to work anywhere. The goal is to decrease costs and increase productivity in the office or in the field. To ensure your success, the eXpedite solution is comprised of three integral parts: eXpedite Software, Cloud Services and Success Services.

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eXpedite is comprised of the eXpedite Manager, eXpedite Client, and eXpedite Connector, enabling your field staff to work anywhere.

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Cloud Services

Our SaaS model, eXpedite Cloud Services, offers an array of flexible options to manage your solution, streamline your operations, and minimize costs.

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Success Services

eXpedite Success Services are a required component of each implementation and ensure your field staff and processes are as efficient and effective as possible.

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Why You Need eXpedite

Decrease costs by eliminating duplicate data entry and paper form storage, by easily pushing out and ensuring the use of the most recent, standardized, electronic forms.

Increase efficiencies through consistent and accurate data collection, immediate access to quality, actionable data and by keeping staff in the field, working.

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Decrease Costs

  • Eliminate Paper
  • Eliminate Storage Costs
  • Decrease field time returning to the office
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Increase Efficiency and Speed

  • Streamline processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminate redundant manual processes
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Increase Accuracy

  • Eliminate inaccurate data and errors
  • Improve data consistency through form controls
  • Standardize collection of data
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Utilize Actionable Data

  • Access data quickly
  • Take immediate action on accurate data
  • Eliminate stacks of outdated paper forms
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Improve Field Service Quality

  • Increase data quality
  • Access historical data while in the field
  • Decrease duplicate data entry with pre-filled forms
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Offering Tiers

Subscription plans are available to support teams of any size.


Mobile field workforce for
a focused application



Contact Group Sales


Mobile field workforce for
an expanding field



Contact Department Sales


Mobile field workforce for
widespread field use



Contact Department Sales

Additional plans are available at the Team (up to 20 users) and Enterprise (over 500 users) levels

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Licensed Resellers

If you are a current reseller requiring assistance, or you wish to become a licensed reseller of eXpedite, please call us toll-free at 1.866.563.6767, or click the button below to inquire for more details.

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